How to Close the War

Melody - "Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel"

George P. Hardwick

Now to close this civil war,
We want no other law:
They talk to us of Foreign Intervention;
We should like to see the man
Would refuse to shoulder gun.
And drive them to the other side of Jordan.
Then ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha,
The day to close this war is coming;
The Union boys are ready,
And will drive the Rebels crazy;
We are bound to have
This Happy Land of Canaan.

2. If the friends who stay at home,
Do not alter much their tone,
And vote to sustain the Constitution,
Our noble Ship of State,
With all her precious freight,
Will be foundered in the bottom of the ocean.

3. Now stop this foolish strife,
And protect your country's life;
Show the world some better legislation;
If you think you never can,
Why let some decent men
Take your seats in the Councils of the Nation.

4. Out in Jersey, I declare,
They have some fellows there,
Whose devotion to the Union is called in question
They had better stop and learn,
Or the Boys, when they return,
Will send them to the other side of Jordan.

5. And if any in the West
Should try, and think it best,
To check the army's operation,
Why load the Union gun
With very mother's son,
And shoot them to the other side of Jordan.

6. In the absence of the boys,
Should the Frenchmen make a noise,
About their Foreign Intervention,
Why, the women of the land,
Would take their brooms in hand
And sweep them to the other side of Jordan.

7. Now hoist the Stripes and Stars,
To put down this civil war;
Let's support the Constitution and the Union:
If a traitor shows his hand,
In our great and glorious land,
Why, send him to the other side of Jordan.


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