Fighting Joe Hooker

Melody -

O, fighting Joe Hooker the brave,
The nation so proudly admires;
His country and Flag he will save,
From rebels and ruthless vampires.
He will humble the haughty foe.
And scatter their columns of might;
In their ranks spread havoc and woe,
And put the vile dastards to flight.
2. Great chieftain of honor and fame,
Lead on thy true hosts in the fight,
While the bosoms of Patriots flame,
With holy emotions of right.
In the sacred war of the North,
To preserve the laws and the land;
With ardor his soul blazes forth
In the cause is his heart and hand.
3. Then Freemen to Heaven appeal,
And strike with thy steel the death-blow;
Let rebels thy just vengeance feel,
With "HOOKER" we'll sure beat the foe.
Then gather the heroes around,
The Flag of the great and the free,
And shout till the meadows rebound,
With "FIGHTING JOE HOOKER" we'll be.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 1.

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