The New Policeman

Melody - "Nora Creina"

From American Songs and Ballads, Series 3, Volume 3.

Oh good evening gentlemen to-day,
Now list awhile to me and my blarney;
I am arrived from Dublin quay,
Now sure my name is Michael Karney.
Grub was scarce and luck was bad,
Hunger's rumbling ne'er did cease man,
So to this city I came egad,
And Murphy's made me a new Policeman.
Ranting rollicking Irish joys,
Always quarrelling ne'er at peace man,
Kissing the girls and licking the boys;
Oh that's the life of a new Policeman.

2. Och there isn't yard or garden wall,
About the city but I can scale it,
And if any thing I find at all,
Now shouldn't I fool be not to nail it.
Next morning there's a hue and cry,
There's something stolen and to be brief man,
Oh by the hookey who but I,
Am running about to catch the thief man,

3. And then you know when I'm out at night,
In every hole and corner peeping;
What's that I spy by the pale moonlight,
Och by my soul 'tis a gentleman sleeping.
His pockets I grope and his money I take,
And then with my staff in the ribs I'm jobbing him.
And if by chance the man should wake,
I tell him I thought a thief was robbing him,

4. Then if there isn't row in the street,
Sure its myself knows how to raise one,
For I knock the first man down I meet,
Then make a shindy fit to craze one.
He resits then loud he hollers,
I lock him and swear he's rioty;
Next morning he is fined two dollars,
Just because myself couldn't murder him quietly,

5. I'm in with every servant maid,
For mutton and love I've ever an itching,
And of being caught I'm not afraid,
For sure I'm there to guard the kitchen.
And then, too, don't the scriptures say,
Multiply too, and increase men,
So if we only have our way;
We'll fill the city with little policemen.


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