Little Ol' Log Cabin in the Lane

Melody -

Oh, I'm gettin' old and feeble and I cannot work no more
The children no more gather 'round my door
An' ol' Massa and ol' Missu, they are sleeping side by side
Near the little ol' log cabin in the lane.
Oh, the chimney's falling down and the roof's all caved in,
Letting in the sunshine and the rain
And the only friend I've know' is that old dog of mine
And that little old log cabin in the lane.

2. Oh, the paths have all growed up, that lead around the hill
The fences have all gone to decay,
And the creeks have all dried up where we used to go to the mill.
And things have changed their course another day.

3. Oh, I ain't got long to stay here, what little time I got,
I want to rest content while I remain,
'Til death shall call his dog and me to find a better home,
And the little old log cabin in the lane.


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