A Dream

Melody - "The Holy City"

Richard Brazier

One day as I lay dreaming,
This vision came to me:
I saw an army streaming,
Singing of liberty;
I marked these toilers passing by,
I listened to their cry.
|: It was a triumphant anthem
An anthem filled with joy; :|
One union, industrial union;
Workers of the world unite,
To make us free from slavery
And gain each man his right.
2. I saw the ruling classes
Watching this grand array
Of marching, toiling masses
Passing on their way;
With pallid cheeks and trembling limbs
They gazed upon this throng
|: And ever as they marched along
The workers sang the song; :|

3. Methought I heard the workers
Call to that ruling band--
Come into our ranks, ye shirkers,
For we now rule this land.
Work or starve, the workers said,
For you must earn your bread.
|: Then into their ranks came the masters
And joined the workers' song. :|


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