Our German Volunteers

Melody - "New-York Volunteer"

There is a General in the West
Whose deeds have come to fame,
He is a gallant soldier,
And in movements he is game;
Then let us raise our voices high
And give three hearty cheers
|: For Siegel, hero of the West,
And his German volunteers. :|

2. Now at the battle of Bull-Run,
We fought well, every one can say,
But panic struck our army,
And we had to move away,
And, in that great confusion,
Of our rear we had great fears,
|: But it was protected by Blenker
And his German volunteers. :|

3. Now there's the gallant Fifth Regiment
Who before their duty done,
They have again offered
Their services to go to Washington:
And were it not for Patterson
Who did Scott's plan betray,
|: They would join McDowell, at Bull-Run,
And took an active part, that day. :|

4. Then there's the gallant Max Weber
Who took an active part,
When our ships of war bombarded
Forts Hatteras and Clark,
And should the South make an attack,
While he and his men are there,
|: They'll get a mighty good whipping
Of which they are not aware. :|

5. Now, as I close my little song,
I'll say a word or two:
Should you be called upon to fight,
Stand by your colors true;
Then raise your voices with one accord
And give three hearty cheers
|: For Mc Clellan, Scott, and Siegel,
And their Union Volunteers!

from American Songs and Ballads, Series 3, Volume 3.

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