Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade

Melody -

Said Pat to his mother, "It seems strange to see
Brothers fighting, in such a queer manner,
But I'll fight till I die if I never get killed
For America's bright starry banner.
Far away in the East stood a dashing young blade,
And the song he was singing so gaily,
'twas honest Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade,
And the song of the broken shillelagh.

2. The morning soon broke and poor Paddy awoke.
He found Rebels to give satisfaction,
And the drummers were beating the devil's sad tune.
They were calling the boys into action.

3. Sure, the day after battle, the dead lay in heaps;
Pat Murphy lay bleeding and gory,
With a hole through his head from some enemy's ball,
And an end to his vision of glory.

4. No more in our camp will his letters be read,
Or his song be heard singing so gaily,
For he died, far away from the friends of his youth;
Far away from the land of shillelagh.


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