My Pretty Quadroon

Melody -

I'll never forget when we met,
Sweet Cora my pretty quadroon
I see her bright eyes shinning yet
As we vowed to be true 'neath the moon
Her form was excedingly fair
Her lips like the wild rose in June
And her ringlets of dark glossy hair
Were the curls of my pretty quadroon.
Oh my pretty quadroon
The flower that faded too soon
My heart's like the strings on my banjo
All broke for my pretty quadroon.
2. How happy we were for a day
Like love birds we dwelt 'neath the bowers
And the brightness of Cora's sweet smile
Seemed to rival the blush of the flowers
But happiness fades like the rose
Before the first full of the moon
The grim reaper knocked at my door
And took Cora my pretty quadroon.

3. Farewell to Kentuckys green hills
Farewell to Kentuckys green braes
Farewell to the green grassy fields
Where Cora and I often strayed
To this old world I'll soon say farewell
My heart will find rest in the tomb
But my spirit will fly to the spot
And watch over my pretty quadroon.

This song was very popular around the campfires in the Civil War.

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