Reuben James

Melody -

Reuben James, in my song you'll live again
In the phrases that I write
In the footsteps out of sight
For the time that I knew you, Reuben James.
Reuben James, use to walk the furred fields of my mind
Faded shirt and weathered brow
Calloused hands upon the plow
Loved you then and I loved you now, Reuben James.

2. Reuben James, all the folks around
Madson County cursed your name
Just a no-count share cropping colored man
Steal anything he can
Everybody layed the blame on Reuben James.

3. Reuben James, with your mind on the soul
And the Bible in your right hand
So turn the other cheek, there's a better
World waiting for the meek
In my mind these words remain from Reuben James.

4. Reuben James, one dark cloudy day they
Brought you from the field
Until your lonely pine box came
Just the preacher me and the rain
Just to sing one last refrain for Reuben James.