A New Song for Sherman & Sheridan

Melody - "Villikins and his Dinah"

"The Composer Is The Disposer"

To SHERIDAN and SHERMAN, great merit is due,
They routed the Rebels each place they went to.
In the Shenandoah Valley they struck a home blow,
Where SHERIDANwhipped EARLY, who was a great foe.
SHERMAN was a good leader without a mistake,
When he marched through Georgia, Atlanta to take,
He routed the Rebels right out of there,
And chased them like deers in his march every where.

2. When he marched to Savannah he acted well,
Like the old walls of Jericho before him it fell,
His name was a terror to Rebels, is true,
But he proved a friend when he did them subdue.

3. He gave his good Union neighbors for to understand,
That the Poor of Savannah wanted a hand,
Like the Prodigal child they were taken in,
And supplied with abundance by good Union men.

4. He beseiged Charleston, just like old Troy,
A downfall to the Rebels, an uprise to our joy,
No hope for Confederacy, now as before,
The old Flag it is planted on Sumpter once more.

5. I am well pleased at the great Union sway,
That those foolish neighbors had not their own way.
They must submit to the law of the land,
For nothing but Justice forever will stand.

6. Now to conclude and to finish my song,
May GRANT, and SHERMAN, and SHERIDAN live long.
My name, it is JOICE, a Poet, that cannot see,
May God grant that UNION forever will be.

Stamped No. 964, from The American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 6

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