Sittin' in de Cotton

Melody -

c. 1917-1918, from the trenches in France

When de cannon balls a singin'
And de mustard gas is low
If I sholey had my ruthers
Alabama's where I'd go.
|: Sittin' in de cotton
Where you don't give a damn,
Singin' whoa buck, whoa buck, whoa whoa. :|
2. When I thinks 'bout de doctors
Clippin' off a laig 'er two,
I'd like to tell dose drafters
At de Court House what to do.

3. Oh, de States is full o'people
Tellin' how de war is fit,
But when hit comes to fightin',
Never fit a single bit.

4. Oh, we eats our mess and wonder
Ef it's meant fur men 'er hogs,
An' when Hiney shoots a bender,
We lays down and dies like dogs.

Another song of disillusionment as seen through the eyes of a Southern black man. Again, any ideas on why this would be?

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