Save the Union

Melody - George Felix Benkert

Mrs. Thomas M. Coleman

Sons of Columbia, your Country now calls you;
Arise in your manhood, prepare for the fight;
Repel the bold traitors, their false pride and treason,
And teach them that Freemen will dare to do right.

2. Oh, sink party spirit for once in oblivion;
Let peace be your motto, in God be your trust;
Let those who would wage civil war in their madness,
In anguish of spirit repent in the dust.

3. Go back to the days of the dark Revolution,
When son and when sire to battle did go,
With garments all tattered and feet bare and bleeding,
Each foot print was left in the cold winter snow.

4. Then treat not so lightly this boon dearly purchased,
By the blood of our fathers, the good and the brave!
Who fought, bled and died 'neath the Banner of Freedom,
Which in glory and triumph forever shall wave.

5. Like true sons of Freedom, now rush to the rescue,
Like sons of one sire, be ye firm to your trust;
Stand up for the Union, be true to your country,
Nor let her proud banners be trailed in the dust.