Freedom's Call

Melody - "God save the South"

Southrons to arms!
Southrons to arms!
Justice, with flaming sword,
Marshals to arms!
There where death's iron hail,
Makes each false heart to quail,
Brave souls will never fail,
Southrons to arms!

2. Hark!--on the field,
Dastards must yield;
Never may coward-rust
Tarnish your shield!
There where the red shot fall,
Honor and duty call,
Numbers should not appal,
Haste to the field!

3. Vaunting, the foe
Chaunt, as they go,
Hymns in a despot's praise,
Sullen and low;
Loud in response proclaim,
Freemen with horror name
Union which works a shame,
Lasting though slow.

4. Nerved with the right,
Haste to the fight,
Proving by manly deeds,
God is your might,
Charge till their myriads quake!
Wildly their columns break!
Or die for Freedom's sake,
Die for the right!

5. Soon may the storm,
Lighten and flee;
Soon may each joyous home
Welcome the free!
Crowned with pure happiness,
Father! Thy Name we'll bless,
Bending in gratitude,
Father to Thee.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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