The Girl I Left Behind Me

Melody - Samuel Lover, 1797-1868


I'm lonesome since I crossed the hill,
And o'er the moor and valley,
Such heavy thoughts my heart do fill,
Since parting with my Sally.
I seek now more the fine and gay,
For each but does remind me,
How swift the hours did pass away,
With the Girl I left behind me.
2. Oh, ne'er shall I forget the night,
The stars were bright above me,
And gently lent their silv'ry light
When first she vowed she loved me.
But now I'm bound for Brighton camp,
Kind Heav'n may favour find me,
And send me safely back again,
To the Girl I left behind me.
3. The bee shall honey taste no more,
The dove become a ranger,
The dashing waves shall cease to roar,
Ere she's to me a stranger.
The vows we've registered above,
Shall ever cheer and bind me,
In constancy to her I love,
The girl I left behind me.
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