The Northmen Are Coming!

Melody - "The Campbells are coming"

George Perry

|: The Northmen are coming, Oho! Oho! :|
The Northmen, the Northmen,
The warriors of Freedom!
The Northmen are coming, Oho! Oho!

Their Star-Spangled Banners I see, I see!
The plume-crested horsemen I see, I see!
Down mountain and valley the hosts are streaming,
And shouting the battle-cry: ONE and FREE!

2. The peal of their bugles I hear, I hear!
The clangor of trumpets I hear, I hear!
The Banners outflame, like the blazing morn,
O'er billows of bayonet, sword and spear.

3. With rattle of musket, they come, they come!
With thunder of cannon, they come, they come!
With tempest of fire, and storm of steel,
To drive out the Traitors from Freedom's home!

4. They come with the Banners our Sires unfurled,
Unfurled to the exile, the bondman, the world!
And Heaven shall speed their victorious march,
Till Liberty's Foes to the dust be hurled.

Published by H. De Marsan, from American Songs and Ballads, Series 3, Volume 3

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