Another Star

Melody - "Buy a Broom"

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1911, a Suffrage Campaign Song for California

There are five a-light before us,
In the flag flying o'er us,
There'll be six on next election
We bring a new star!
We are coming like the others,
Free Sisters, Free Brothers,
In the pride of our affection
For California.
A ballot for the Lady!
For the Home and for the Baby!
Come, vote ye for the Lady,
The Baby, the Home!
2. Star of Hope and Star of Beauty!
Of Freedom! Of Duty!
Star of childhood's new protection
That rises so high!
We will work for it together
In the golden, gay weather,
And we'll have it next election,
Or we will know why.

from Suffrage Songs and Verses

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