There Was An Old Soldier

Melody -

Oh, there was an old soldier and he had a wooden leg,
He had no tobacco, no tobacco could he beg.
Another old soldier, as sly as a fox,
|: He always kept tobacco in his old tobacco box. :|

2. Said the one old soldier, "won't you give me a chew?"
Said the other old soldier, "I'll be hanged if I do,
Just save up your money and put away your rocks,
|: And you'll always have tobacco in your old tobacco box." :|

3. Well, the one old soldier, he was feeling mighty bad,
He said, "I'll get even, I will begad!"
He goes to a corner, takes a rifle from the peg,
|: And stabs the other soldier with a splinter from his leg. :|

4. Now there was an old hen and she had a wooden foot,
And whe made her nest by the mulberry root,
She laid more eggs than any hen on the farm,
|: And another wooden leg wouldn't do her any harm. :|