Tradesmen's Song

Melody - "When Britain first at Heaven's Command"

for His Majesty's Birthday; Pennslyvania Ledger, October 22, 1777

Again, my social Friends, we meet
To celebrate our annual display
This great, this glorious Natal Day:
'Tis George's Natal Day we sing,
Our firm, our steady Friend and King.

2. For Britain's Parliament and Laws
He waves his own Imperial Power,
For this (Old England's glorious Cause)
May Heaven on him its blessings shower,
And Colonies, made happy, sing,
Great George their real friend and King.

3. Since Britain first at Heaven's command
Arose from out the Azure Main,
Did ever o'er this jarring Land
A Monarch with more firmness reign?
Then to the Natal Day we'll sing,
Of George our sacred Friend and King.

4. To Charlotte fair, our matchless Queen,
To all his blooming heavenly Line,
To all their Family and Friends,
Let us in hearty chorus join,
And George's Natal Day let's sing,
Our gracious Father, Friend, and King.

5. And may the heavenly Powers combine,
While we with loyal hearts implore
That one of his most sacred Line
May rule these Realms till time's no more.
And we with chearful voices sing
Great George our steady, natal King.


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