He's Gone to the Arms of Abraham

Melody - Septimus Winner

Septimus Winner, 1861?

My true love is a soldier
In the army now to day,
It was this cruel war that made him
Have to go away.
The draft it was that took him,
And it was a heavy blow,
It took him for a Conscript,
But he didn't want to go.
He's gone--He's gone--
As meek as any lamb,
They took him, yes, they took him,
To the Arms of Abraham.

2. He tried to be exempted,
A red head was his plea,
It was the same as being lame,
In hollow tones said he.
The surgeon "couldn't see it,"
He said it was "no go,"
But many say he might have pass'd,
A greenback did he show.

3. He's gone to be a soldier,
With a knapsack on his back,
A fightin' for the Union,
And a livin' on "hard tack."
Oh how he looked like Christian,
In the Pilgrim's Progress shown,
With a bundle on his shoulders
But with nothin' of his own.

4. Oh should he meet a rebel,
A pointing with his gun,
I hope he may have courage,
To "take care of number one."
If I were him I'd offer,
The fellow but a dram,
For whats the use of dying,
Just for Jeff or Abraham,

5. Indeed to be a soldier,
It is so very hard,
For when a fellow has his fun,
They poke him on the guard,
One day he shot a rooster,
The Captain thought it wrong,
And so to punish him they made
Him Picket all night long.

6. I havn't got a lover now,
I havn't got a beaux,
They took him for a raw recruit,
But mustered him I know.
He's nothing but a private,
And not for war inclined,
Although a hard old nut to crack,
A Colonel you might find,

7. My true love is a soldier,
Upon the battle ground,
And if ever he should be lost,
I hope he may be found.
If he should fall a fightin',
Upon the battle plain,
I hope some other chap may come,
An' pick him up again.

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 4.

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