Battle of Vicksburg

Melody -

On Vicksburg's globes and bloody ground
A wounded soldier lay,
|: His thoughts were on his happy home,
Some thousand miles away. :|

2. Oh comrades dear, come close to me,
My heart's with you today,
|: Come hear the word I have to send
Some thousand miles away. :|

3. An' when you meet my mother dear,
Be careful how you speak,
|: The cords of life are almost run,
Her heart may be too weak. :|

4. An' there's another so dear to me,
She's gentle as a fawn,
|: She lives behind yon distant glow,
Down by the murmurin' stream. :|

5. An' when I'm dead take this here ring
An' bear it to yon shore,
|: Tell Molly 'tis the gift of one
Who sleeps to wake no more. :|

6. An' here's a tress her own hand gave,
With it I never shall part,
|: An' when I'm dead don't you forget
To press it to my heart. :|

7. The blood fast trickled down his side,
A tear stood in his eye,
|: He sighed, I ne'er shall see thee more,
Sweet maid, before I die. :|

8. Oh comrades dear, come close my eyes,
An' make my last cold bed,
|: Before the mornin' sun shall rise
I shall be numbered dead. :|

From Ozark Folk Songs

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