Vot Vos You Up To, Uncle Sam?

Melody -

Ralph T. Butler

Vot vos you up to, Uncle Sam,
Alretty, anyhow?
Dot you vos magen droubles
For dose Fillopenos now,
Ven I leaf der distant Vaterland,
Katrina, Frau and me,
Und sailt upon dot shteamship boat
Across der schloppy sea.

Ve dought dot you a goot one vos,
Und vanted all men free.

Shall our Starry Flag of Freedom
Be a badge for serf or slave?
Shall it head the grand procession in a "Criminal aggression"
And there for greed and conquest wave?
No, no, no!
Ten thousand answer, No!
It must ever be the Flag of the Free,
The Flag of the Free and the Brave!

This was a protest song of American foreign policy. This was due to us aiding the Filipinos in overthrowing the Spanish, and then we had the audacity to claim the Philippines as a "protectorate".