We Bear the Strains of Earthly Care

Melody - "Azmon," Carl Gotthelf Gläser (1784-1829); arr. Lowell Mason, 1839

Ozora Stearns Davis, 1909

We bear the strains of earthly care,
But bear it not alone;
Beside us walks our Brother Christ,
And makes our task His own.

2. Through din of market, whirl of wheels,
And thrust of driving trade,
We follow where the Master leads,
Serene and unafraid.

3. The common hopes that make us men
Were His in Galilee;
The tasks He give are those He gave
Beside the restless sea.

4. Our brotherhood still rests in Him,
The Brother of us all,
And through the centuries we hear
The Master's winsome call.


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