We'll Fight For Uncle Abe

Melody - Frederick Buckley

C.E. Pratt

Way down in old Varginni,
I suppose you all do know,
They have tried to bust the Union,
But they find it is no go;
The Yankee boys are starting out
The Union for to save,
And we're going down to Washington
To fight for Uncle Abe.
Rip, rap, flip, flap,
Strap your knapsack on your back,
For we're goin' down to Washington
To fight for Uncle Abe.

2. There is General Grant at Vicksburg,
Just see what he has done,
He has taken sixty cannon
And made the Rebels run,
And next he will take Richmond,
I'll bet you half a dollar,
And if he catches General Johnson,
Oh, won't he make him holler.

3. The season now is coming
When the roads begin to dry;
Soon the Army of the Potomac
Will make the Rebels fly,
For General McClellan, he's the man,
The Union for to save;
Oh! Hail Columbia's right side up,
And so's your Uncle Abe.

4. You may talk of Southern chivalry
And cotton being king,
But I guess before the war is done
You'll think another thing;
They say that recognition
Will the Rebel country save,
But Johnny Bull and Mister France
Are 'fraid of Uncle Abe.


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