Song of 1857

Melody -

Written by Utah Mormon rebels, 1857

When Uncle Sam, he first set out
His army to destroy us,
Says he, The Mormons we will rout,
They shall no longer annoy us.
The force he sent was competent
To try and hang for treason;
That is, I mean, it would have been,
But don't you know the reason?
There's great commotion in the East,
About the Mormon question;
The problem is, to say the least,
Too much for their digestion.

2. As they were going up the Platte
Singing many a lusty ditty,
Saying, We'll do this and we'll do that,
When we get to Salt Lake City.
And sure enough, when they got there,
They made the Mormons stir, sir.
That is, I mean, they would have done,
But oh, they didn't get there.

3. When they got within two hundred miles,
The old boys they were saying,
It will be but a little while
Till the Mormons we'll be slaying.
We'll hang each man who has two wives;
We've plenty of rope quite handy.
That is, I mean, they would have had,
But Smith burned it on Sandy.

4. Then they returned with awful tales,
Saying the Mormons beat the devil:
They ride uphill and over rocks
As fast as on the level.
And if perchance you shoot one down
And surely think he's dead, sir,
The first you know he's on his horse
And pushing on ahead, sir.

5. Then on Ham's Fork they camped awhile,
Saying we'll wait a little longer
Till Johnston and his crew come up
And make us a little stronger.
Then we'll go on, take Brigham Young,
And Heber his companion.
That is, I mean, they would have done,
But were afraid of Echo Canyon.

6. Now Uncle Sam, take my advice:
You'd better stay at home, sir!
You need your money and your men
To defend your rights at home, sir!
But if perchance you need some help,
The Mormons will be kind, sir.
They've helped you once and will again,
That is, if they've a mind, sir!

The Mormons were not welcome anywhere they went, and kept heading west until they thought they would be left in peace. In 1857, President Buchanan sent the Army into Utah to squash a perceived rebellion against the government. They encountered guerilla resistance before the matter was resolved peacefully.

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