American Taxation

Melody - "British Grenadiers"

Peter St. John

While I relate my story,
Americans give ear;
Of Britain's fading glory,
You presently shall hear.
|: I'll give a true relation,
Attend to what I say,
Concerning the taxation
Of North America. :|

2. The cruel lords of Britain,
Who glory in their shame,
The project they have hit on
They joyfully proclaim;
|: 'Tis what they're striving after
Our rights to take away,
And rob us of our charter
In North America. :|

3. There are two mighty speakers
Who rule in Parliament,
Who ever have been seeking
Some mischief to invent;
|: 'Twas North, and Bute his father,
The horrid plan did lay,
A mighty tax to gather
In North America. :|

4. These subtle arch-combiners
Addressed the British court,
All three were undersigners
Of this obscure report
|: There is a pleasant landscape
That lieth far away,
Beyond the wide Atlantic
In North America. :|

5. O King, you've heard the sequel
Of what we now subscribe,
Is it not just and equal
To tax this wealthy tribe?
|: The question being asked,
His majesty did say,
My subjects shall be taxed
In North America. :|

6. Invested with a warrant,
My publicans shall go,
The tenth of all their current
They surely shall bestow;
|: If they indulge rebellion,
Or from my precepts stray,
I'll send my war battalion
To North America. :|

7. I'll rally all my fores
By water and by land,
My light dragoons and horses
Shall go at my command;
|: I'll burn both town and city,
With smoke becloud the day,
I'll show no human pity
For North America. :|

8. O George! you are distracted,
You'll by experience find
The laws you have enacted
Are of the blackest kind.
|: I'll make a short digression,
And tell you by the way,
We fear not your oppression
In North America. :|

9. Our fathers were distressed,
While in their native land,
By tyrants were oppressed,
As we do understand;
|: For freedom and religion
They were resolved to stray,
And trace the desert regions
Of North America. :|


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