The Wreck of the Maine

Melody - H.W. Petrie

H.W. Petrie

The battleship at anchor lies, in fair Havana's bay.
Sound sleep the brave Americans, such noble sailors they.
When suddenly, without a sign, the sea becomes a tomb.
A great explosion rends the air! The ship has met its doom.
Gone to their last long sleep, down in the angry deep.
Well may a nation weep, but not in vain.
Brave, gallant lads in blue, died for our country true.
All the world mourns for you, and the wreck of the Maine!

2. What cries of horror rend the air for help when none may save,
And many a gallant sailor lad has found a wat'ry grave.
In one brief moment has been born a world of care and pain,
And broken hearts at home must mourn the martyrs of the Maine.

3. And shall our country let it pass, this deed of foul intent?
And shall our country dare believe it was an accident?
Out! Out, upon the craven ones, so deaf to honor's law.
America has willing sons, to defend her wrongs in war!

4. Just think of Cuba, trampled, crushed. She strives for liberty.
She looks to us, she calls for aid, she struggles to be free.
Come arm, we all, and let us teach a lesson to bold Spain.
We will avenge, by more than speech the destruction of the Maine!