Song For the Union Soldiers

Melody - "Jennette and Jeannot"

Ye defenders of the Union.
From every Loyal State,
The world espies, with anxious eyes,
Your Country's trembling fate:
And proud monarchs from their thrones
Watch your battles how they bear,
|: As though Treason's sting, could Freedom harm,
With the prayers of the fair. :|
2. O the West her legions sent,
On wild steeds that paw the air:
And North and East, both great and least,
Her glories join to share.
Their firm columns rise and march,
Whilst the Stars their bright light shed;
|: Never halting 'till their banner waves
O'er mad rebellion's head. :|
3. O ye warriors, that bear
The time-honored marks of war,
Fame will resound, with bright renown;
Your deeds from shore to shore;
And dark Treason shall behold,
And our Royal friends will see
|: America is yet the shrine
Of God and Liberty. :|

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 3.

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