Almighty Father, Heaven and Earth

Melody - "O heilige Dreifaltigkeit", Nikolaus Herman, 1560; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Edward A. Dayman, 1867

Almighty Father, heaven and earth
With lavish wealth before Thee bow;
Those treasures owe to Thee their birth,
Creator, Ruler, Giver, Thou.

2. The wealth of earth, of sky, of sea,
The gold, the silver, sparkling gem,
The waving corn, the bending tree,
Are Thine; to us Thou lendest them.

3. To Thee, as early morning's dew,
Our praises, alms, and prayer shall rise
As rose, when joyous earth was new,
Faith's patriarchal sacrifice.

4. We, Lord, would lay, at Thy behest
The costliest offerings on Thy shrine;
But when we give, and give our best,
We give Thee only what is Thine.

5. O Father, whence all blessings come;
O Son, Dispenser of God's store;
O Spirit, bear our offerings home:
Lord, make them Thine forevermore.


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