Around the Throne of God a Band

Melody - "Winchester New", from the Musikalisches Handbuch, Hamburg, 1690; Seq. by Richard Jordan

John M. Neale, 1842

Around the throne of God a band
Of glorious angels ever stand;
Bright things they see sweet harps they hold,
And on their heads are crowns of gold.

2. Some wait around Him, ready still
To sing His praise and do His will;
And some, when He commands them, go
To guard His servants here below.

8. Lord, give Thy angels every day
Command to guide us on our way
And bid them every evening keep
Their watch around us while we sleep.

9. So shall no wicked thing draw near
To do us harm or cause us fear;
And we shall dwell, when life is past,
With angels round Thy throne at last.


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