Richies Lady

Melody - Seq. by Ron Clarke

|: Here's a letter to you madam :|
Here's a letter from the Earl of the Wemyss
To be a suitor to you madam.

2. |: Say not so to me Richie :|
For I've made a vow and I'll keep it true
To marry none but you Richie.

3. |: Take your word again madam :|
For I have neither lands nor rents
For to maintain you with madam.

4. |: I'll lie below the dyke Richie :|
And I will be at your command
At any time you like Richie.

5. As they went up yon bonny hillside
O but the sun was setting bonny
And four and twenty Englishmen
Came all to welcome Richie Storry.

6. |: So dearly as you loved me madam :|
You left your lands and all your rents
To follow me your footman laddie.

7. |: But dearly as I loved you madam :|
I left the sceptre and the throne
And was your waiting man madam.

8. And was your waiting man madam
Made all your bridles ring madam
And little did you think that your waiting boy
Was England's royal king madam.


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