The Resurrection of the Rump

Rebellion and Tyranny Revived

Melody - "Greensleeves", Seq. by Barry Taylor

from Rump Songs, 1662

If none be offended with the scent,
Though I foul my mouth, I'le be content
To sing of the Rump of a Parliament,
Which nobody can deny.
I have sometimes fed on a rump in sowse,
And a man may imagine the rump of a louse,
But till now was ne're heard of the Rump of a house,
Which nobody can deny.

2. There's a rump of beef, and the rump of a goose,
And the rump whose neck was hanged in a noose;
But our's is a Rump can play fast and loose,
Which nobody can deny.
When the parts of the body did all fall out,
Some votes it is like did pass for the snout,
That the Rump should be king was never a doubt,
Which nobody can deny.

3. That the Rump may all their enemies quail,
They borrow the devil's coat of mail,
And all to defend their estate in tail;
Which nobody can deny.
But though their scale now seem to be th'upper,
There's no need of the charge of a thanksgiving supper,
For if they be the Rump, the army's their crupper,
Which nobody can deny.

4. There is a saying belongs to the Rump,
Which is good, although it be worn to the stump,
That on the buttock I'le give thee a thump,
Which nobody can deny.
There's another proverb, that never will fail,
That the good the Rump will do when they prevail,
Is to give us a flop with a fox-tail,
Which nobody can deny.

5. And whilst within the walls they lurk,
To satisfie us will be good work,
Who hath most religion, the Rump or the Turk,
Which nobody can deny.
Consider the world, the heaven's the head on't,
The earth is the middle, and we men are fed on't,
But hell is the Rump, and no more be said on't,
Which nobody can deny.