Lord Thomas of Winesberry

Melody - ca. 1775, Child Ballad #100 "Willie o Winesberry"; Seq. by Lesley Nelson

As I look'd over the castle wall
To see what I could see,
O what should I spy but my own father's ship
|: Come sailing along the sea. :|

2. O what is the matter, my daughter, Jane?
That you do look so wan?
I fear you have had some ill sickness,
|: Or been courting with some young man. :|

3. O no! I've not had an ill sickness,
Nor been courting with any young man,
But I have been sick, and sick to my heart,
|: Since you've been so long at sea. :|

4. O is it any noble knight, noble knight,
Or any gentlman?
Or is it, by change, that reckish lad
|: That has just return'd from Spain? :|

5. O no! it is not a noble knight,
Nor any gentle man,
But I have been wooed by young William
|: Who is one of your serving men. :|

6. If you will marry my daughter Jane,
And take her by the hand,
This day you shall sup and dine with me,
|: And be heir to all my land. :|

7. O I will marry your daughter, Jane,
And take her by the hand,
And today I will sup and dine with you,
|: But a fig for all your land. :|

8. For I have houses and I have land,
And money at my command;
And had it not been for your daughter Jane,
|: I was never your serving man. :|

This is a merger of several English variants by Cecil Sharp, who took the title from the Scots ballad Willie o' Winesberry.


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