Near Woodstock Town

Melody - 17th century; Seq. by Lesley Nelson

Broadside ballad, from the 17th century

Near Woodstock town in Oxfordshire,
As I walk'd forth to take the air,
To view the fields and meadows round,
Me thought I heard a mournful sound.
Down by a crystal river side,
A gallant bower I espied,
Where a fair lady made great moan,
With many a bitter sigh and groan.
2. Alas! quoth she, my love's unkind,
My sighs and tears he will not mind!
But he is cruel unto me,
Which causes all my misery.
Soon after he had gain'd my heart,
He cruelly did from me part;
Another maid he does pursue,
And to his vows he bids adieu.
3. The lady round the meadows ran,
And gather'd flowers as they sprang;
Of every sort she there did pull,
Until she got her apron full.
The green turf served her as a bed,
And flowers a pillow for her head;
She laid her down and nothing spoke,
Alas! for love her heart was broke.


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