Return, O Wanderer, Return

Melody - "Abends", Herbert S. Oakeley, 1874; Seq. by Richard Jordan

William B. Collyer, 1806

Return, O wanderer, return
And seek an injured Father's face.
Those warm desires that in thee burn
Were kindled by reclaiming grace.

2. Return, O wanderer, return
And seek a Father's melting heart,
His pitying eyes thy grief discern,
His hand shall heal thine inward smart.

3. Return, O wanderer, return;
He hears thy deep repentant sigh;
He saw thy softened spirit mourn
When no intruding ear was nigh.

4. Return, O wanderer, return;
Thy Savior bids thy spirit live.
Go to His bleeding feet and learn
How freely Jesus can forgive.

5. Return, O wanderer, return
And wipe away the falling tear;
'Tis God who says, "No longer mourn";
'Tis Mercy's voice invites thee near.

6. Return, O wanderer, return,
Regain thy lost, lamented rest;
Jehovah's melting bowels to yearn
To clasp His Ephraim to His breast.


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