How Are You? John Morgan

Melody - Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

C.D. Benson, 1864, sequel to Here's Your Mule

A famous Rebel once was caught,
With sabre bright in hand,
Upon a Mule he never bought,
But press'd in Abram's land,
The Yankees caught his whole command,
In the great Ohio State,
And kept the Leader of the band,
To change for Colonel Streight.
Then raise the shout, the glorious shout,
John Morgan's caught at last,
Proclaim it loud, the land throughout,
He's to prison cast.

2. A felon's cell was then prepared,
At David Tod's request,
And in Columbus prison shared,
The convict's shaven crest.
And thus the Rebel chieftain's pride,
They sought to humble low,
But Southern valor don't subside
Nor less in prison grow.

3. But prison fare he did not like,
And sought a time to leave,
And with Greenbacks and pocket knife
The keepers did deceive,
They say he dug a tunnel 'neath
Its grated walls so grand,
And from the North he took "french leave"
Away for Dixie's land.

4. John Morgan's gone like lightning flies,
Through every State and Town;
Keep watch, and for the famous prize
Five thousand dollars down.
But he is gone, too late, too late,
His whereabouts to find,
He's gone call on Colonel Streight
Way down in Richmond town.
Upon his Mule, He's gone they say
To Dixie's promised Land,
And at the very distant day
To lead a new command.


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