An Awe-Full Mystery Is Here

Melody - "St. Crispin", George J. Elvey, 1862; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Matthias Loy, 1880

An awe-full mystery is here
To challenge faith and waken fear:
The Savior comes as food divine,
Concealed in earthly bread and wine.

2. This world is loveless, -- but above,
What wondrous boundlessness of love!
The king of Glory stoops to me
My spirit's life and strength to be.

3. In consecrated wine and bread
No eye perceives the mystery dread;
But Jesus' words are strong and clear:
"My body and My blood are here."

4. How dull are all the powers of sense
Employed on proofs of love immense!
The richest food remains unseen,
And highest gifts appear -- how mean!

5. But here we have no boon on earth,
And faith alone discerns its worth:
The Word, not sense, must be our guide,
And faith assure, since sight's denied.

6. Lord, show us still that Thou art good
And grant us evermore this food.
Give faith to every wavering soul
And make each wounded spirit whole.


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