Andy Veto

Melody - Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Henry Clay Work, 1866

Andy Veto never slept a wink last night;
Darkeys, he's your Moses!
Andy had to take us extra drink last night;
Darkeys, he's your Moses!
There was one who led you thro' the sea, you know,
He who paid his life, and left you free, you know;
But Andy V. requips the bill, so be, you know
Why, darkeys, he's your Moses!

2. Moses can't afford to let his people vote;
Darkey's, he's your Moses!
He must watch his little flock, his own scapegoat,
For, darkeys he's your Moses!
Thinking of you brings him wakeful nights, you know;
You might up and take your "civil rights," you know;
And make a "war of roses" with the whites, you know;
So, darkeys, he's your Moses!

3. Andy Veto thought he wore a crown last night;
Darkeys, he's your Moses!
When the people spoke it tumbled down last night;
But, darkeys, he's your Moses!
Were it not a pretty sight me thinks I see
Thirty million loyal people, proud and free,
As round the throat of Andy Veto head to knee;
Oh, darkeys, he's your Moses!

4. Andy Veto been a fishing for "another term;"
Darkeys, he's your Moses!
Guess that when unification comes we'll change the firm,
If, darkeys, he's your Moses!
Ev'rything is going wrong while Andy leads;
We must change the diet on which Andy feeds;
Ah! "Reconstruction," that is just what Andy needs;
And, darkeys, he's your Moses!


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