The Army Hymn

Melody - "Old 100th," Genevan Psalter, 1551; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Oh, Lord of Hosts! Almighty King!
Behold the sacrifice we bring!
To every arm Thy strength impart,
Thy spirit shed through every heart.

2. Wake in our breasts the living fires,
The holy faith that warmed our sires;
Thy hand hath made our Nation free!
To die for her is serving thee.

3. Be Thou a pillar for to show
The midnight snare, the silent foe;
And when the Battle thunders loud,
Still guide us in its moving cloud.

4. God of all Nations! Sovereign Lord!
In Thy dread name we draw the sword,
We lift the Starry Flag on high,
That fills with light our stormy sky.

5. From Treason's rent, from murder's stain,
Guard Thou its folds till Peace shall reign,
Till fort and field, till shore and sea
Join our loud anthem: praise to thee!

From American Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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