Away Down Souf

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1848; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1848

We'll put for de souf ah! dat's the place,
For the steeple chase and de bully hoss race
Poker, brag, eucher, seven up and loo,
Den chime in Niggas, won't you come along too.
No use talkin' when de Nigga wants to go,
Whar de corntop blossom and de canebrake grow;
Den come along to Cuba, and we'll dance de polka juba,
Way down souf, whar de corn grow.
2. My lub she hab a very large mouf,
One corner in de norf, tudder corner in de souf;
It am so long, it reach so far
Trabble all around it on a railroad car.

3. I went last night to see my Sally
Two story house in Pigtail ally,
Whar de skeeters buz, and de fleas dey bite,
And de bull dogs howl and de tom cats fight.


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