Come and Sit By My Side If You Love Me

Melody - "Red River Valley", Seq. by Barry Taylor

Paratrooper song from WWII

Come and sit by my side if you love me,
Do not hasten to bid me adieu,
Just remember the poor parachutist,
And the job he is trying to do.

2. When the red light goes on we are ready,
For the sergeant to shout "Number One"
Though we sit in the plane close together,
We all tumble out one by one.

3. When we're coming in for a landing,
Just remember your sergeants advice,
Keep your feet and your knees close together,
And you'll land on the ground very nice.

4. When we land in one certain country,
There's a job we'll do very well,
We'll fire Goering and old Adolf Hitler,
And all of those bastards as well.

5. So stand by your glasses steady,
And remember the men from the sky,
Here's to the dead already,
And three cheers for the next man to die.


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