Come, Jesus, from the Sapphire Throne

Melody - "Wareham", William Knapp, 1738; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Ray Palmer, 1875

Come, Jesus, from the sapphire throne,
Where Thy redeemed behold Thy face;
Enter this temple, now Thine own,
And let Thy glory fill the place.

2. We praise Thee that today we see
It's sacred walls before Thee stand;
'Tis Thine for us, 'tis ours for Thee,
Reared by Thy kind, assisting hand.

3. Oft as returns the day of rest,
Let heartfelt worship here ascend;
With Thine own joy fill every breast,
With Thine own power Thy Word attend.

4. Here in the dark and sorrowing day
Bid Thou the throbbing heart be still.
Oh, wipe the mourner's tears away
And give new strength to meet Thy will!

5. Here in baptismal water pure
We find for sin a gracious cure;
Our children here to Thee we bring
To be Thy heirs, O heavenly King.

6. When at Thine altar we shall meet
And keep the feast of dying love,
Be our communion ever sweet
With Thee and with Thy Church above.

7. Come, faithful Shepherd, feed Thy sheep;
In Thine own arms the lambs enfold.
Give help to climb the heavenward steep
Till Thy full glory we behold.


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