Cora Dean

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1860; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1860

Near the broad Atlantic waters
Roaming the woodlands green
Mid Long Islands lovely daughters
Fairest of all was Cora Dean
Soft her voice as liquid measure
Heard when the streamlets move
While her eyes of tender azure
Glowed with the winning beams of love
Cora Dean has left the summer roses
Blooming o'er the lea
While her fair and gentle form reposes
Down by the calm blue sea.
2. Cora Dean was formed for loving
Cheering the hearts of all
None could sigh where she was moving
Birds tuned their carols to her call
Fields grew fairer at her coming
Flowers a more joyful throng
Skies were bright where she was roaming
Streams danced the lighter to her song

3. Eyes bedimned with tears are streaming
Round her deserted home
Silent stars are nightly beaming
Lending a sadness to the gloom
While the winds of summer dying
Borne from the deep dark wave
O'er the land in dirges sighing
Murmur with sorrow round her grave


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