Southern War Cry

Melody - "Scots Wha' Hae", Seq. by Barry Taylor

Countrymen of Washington!
Countrymen of Jefferson!
By Old Hick'ry oft' led on
To death or victory!
Sons of men who fought and bled,
Whose blood for you was freely shed,
Where Marion charged and Sumpter led,
For freemen's rights!
2. From the Cowpens glorious way
Southern valor led the fray,
To Yorktown's eventful day,
First we were free!
At New Orleans, we met the foe,
Oppressors fell at every blow;
There we laid the usurper low,
For maids and wives!
3. Who on Palo Alto's day,
'Mid fire and hail at Monterey,
At Beuna Vista led the way!
Rough and Ready!
Southerns all, at freedom's call,
For our homes united all,
Freemen, live, or feemen fall!
Death or liberty!

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1

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