Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

Melody - Leo Friedman, 1909; Seq. by Jill B.

Beth Slater Whitson, 1909

Dreaming of you that's all I do
Night and day for you I'm pining
And in your eyes, blue as the skies
I see lovelight softly shining;
Because you love me there, it seems,
Pray meet me in the land of dreams.
Meet me tonight in Dreamland
Under the silv'ry moon
Meet me tonight in Dreamland
Where love's sweet roses bloom;
Come with the lovelight gleaming
In your dear eyes of blue,
Meet me in Dreamland,
Sweet, dreamy Dreamland.
There let my dreams come true.
2. Sighing all day when you're away
Longing for you dear, you only;
In blissful dreams, sweetheart it seems
One is never sad and never lonely
And if you'll come with me to stay
We'll live in dreamland night and day.


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