Dreams That Charm'ed Me When a Child

Melody - Septimus Winner, 1855; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Septimus Winner, 1855

The dreams that charm'd me when a child,
Still linger with me yet,
For there are scenes of faded years,
I never can forget;
And there are eyes still beaming,
And hearts with friendships teeming,
That yet can great me ever,
With favor's warm embrace
And smiles that time can never
Dissemble or efface.
2. Sad dreams of joys that never came;
Sweet hopes that e'er deceived,
And thoughts that pictur'd forth a scene,
I ever then believ'd;
And yet my heart is teeming,
With joys that are but seeming,
And hopes that seem to soften,
My vision, strange and wild;
But then Alas! how often
Deceive, as when a child.


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