Melody - Stephen Foster, 1859; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1859

The pride of the village and the fairest in the dell
Is the queen of my song and her name is Fairy-Belle;
The sound of her light step may be heard upon the hill
Like the fall of snowdrop or the dripping of the rill.
Fairy-Belle, gentle Fairy-Belle,
The star of the night and the lily of the day,
Fairy-Belle, the queen of all the dell,
Long may she revel on her bright sunny way.

2. She sings to the meadows and she carols to the streams,
She laughs in the sunlight and smiles in her dreams,
Her hair like thistle down is born upon the air,
And her heart like the humming-bird's is free from ev'ry care.

3. Her soft notes of melody around me sweetly fall,
Her eye full of love is now beaming on my soul.
The sound of that gentle voice, the glance of that eye,
Surround me with rapture that no other heart could sigh.