Gay As A Lark

Melody - Septimus Winner, 1876; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Septimus Winner, 1876

Gay as a Lark in the sunshine of spring,
Floating and singing upon the wing;
Sporting in pleasure beneath a fair sky,
Happy forever, - just so am I,
|: So, so, so am I, :|
Bright is the sunshine lighting my way;
Fair is the moonlight as cheerful as day.
Joyful and happy, oh then let me live
Sharing the pleasures that life can give,
Free as a birdling let loose from the ark,
Cheerful and merry "Gay as a Lark."
2. Idly I squander the moments away,
Dreaming and scheming the live long day,
Never, oh never, to murmur and sigh,
Pining and whining! oh no, not I,
|: No, no, no not I, :|
Let me be merry, let me be gay,
Life is too precious to fritter away.


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