God Bless Our Brave Young Volunteers!

Melody - George Frederick Root, 1861; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

George Frederick Root, 1861

Hark the song of freedom how it swells
O'er valley, hill and prairie wide,
With thrilling tones the tocsin tells
|: That dangers to our land betide, :|
And see; from anvil, loom and plow,
From home, and mothers sacred tears
They fly with ardor on each brow,
|: God blees our brave young volunteers. :|
2. Still, still the glorious members ring,
And still they come our land to save,
Let every heart its tribute bring
|: Of love, and honor to the brave, :|
May He protect them in their strife
Whose power can quell our rising fears
Oh may He guard each precious life
|: And bless our brave young volunteers. :|
3. Oh home of freedom, fatherland,
To thee our treasure now we yield,
The duty calls, their feet stand
|: In tented camp, on bloody field; :|
Farewell true hearts our pray'rs shall be
Where o'er the starry flag appears
That He who made our fathers free
|: May bless our brave young volunteers. :|


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