Gone are the Days

Melody - "Old Black Joe", Stephen Foster, 1860; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Richard Brazier

Gone are the days, when the master class could say,
"We'll work you long hours for little pay;
We'll work you all day and half the night as well."
But I hear the workers' voices saying, "You will, like Hell."
For we're going, we're going
To take an eight hour day.
We surely will surprise the Boss
Some first of May.

2. Now, workmen, it's up to you to say
If you want a general eight hour day.
As soon as you are ready, we are with you heart and hand.
All you have to do is to join our Union grand.

3. Now, workingmen, we are working far too long;
That's why we've got this vast unemployed throng.
Give every worker a chance to work each day;
Let's all join together and to the Boss all say,


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