The Heart's Mission

Melody - Septimus Winner, 1857; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Septimus Winner, 1857

Oh! dreary was the world to me,
"A vale of fear" -- of sin and woe,
My weary heart could find no rest,
Where e'er my truant feet might go.
I learn'd to hate the haunts of man,
And spurn'd the soul with pity fraught,
|: For human hearts seem'd all deceit,
And for a coin were sold and bought. :|
2. A spell came o'er me and I slept,
An Angel then I seem'd to see,
Who gently said, "Oh! change thy fate,
And this thy heart's new mission be."
"Go love thy neighbour as thyself
With earnest heart devout and true,
|: Do unto others as thou wouldst
That others unto thee should do." :|
3. I wakened from my vision,
Resolv'd to win the smiles of all,
And with a motive true to love,
Induce the charm of friendship's call,
Oh! then I found new joys on earth,
With friends that met my warmth esteem,
|: And human nature own'd not half
The selfish heart that men would deem. :|


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